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Collate Articles That Matter

Our platform analyzes medical research articles that are available to the public. It extracts important concepts from these articles and identifies causal and associative relationships between them. It then organizes this information into a specialized database, forming a knowledge graph.

A researcher can specify a pair of concepts and the system will retrieve causal chains with lengths specified by the filter. Every link in each causal chain is documented by a sentence extracted from a research article. Specific research articles can be accessed by the user using web links provided by the system.

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API Access

The platform is meant to be primarily used via API. You can build your own pipeline in Python, R, or any other language to perform article search, concept analysis, drug repurposing/repositioning, target discovery, among multiple other tasks. See documentation here: API Documentation.

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Enhance Literature Review

Our platform can find articles that are relevant for your research based on the mechanism of action, i.e., via concepts that occur on a causal chains you find by specifying the likely cause and effect.

As a result, literature reviews will capture documents within the key words you specify, as well as articles with other relevant concepts that can enable you to uncover hidden connections not documented in any single document in their entirety.

Gain Efficiency

Spend less time on organizing reviews.
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Focus On Your Research

Our software empowers you by speeding up the analysis of previously published research, giving you the insight to build on what already exists, and focus on driving your own research forwards.


time spent on pre-processing your documents

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The platform is freemium, which means you can use its basic functionality for free indefinitely. Register to get 14 days of extended functionality. If you want to use advanced features after the trial period, you can subscribe to a paid plan. Please get in touch with us via info@cloudcell.nz.